Leading Event for Global Digital Signage and Terminal Display Application

DIGITAL SIGNAGE 2021 • Shenzhen

2021.4.1-3 | Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center (Futian District)

The development of society and technology has accelerated the upgrade of traditional signage and the user experience of new retail industry. Various fields such as traffic system, transportation and medical care are in urgent need of interactive display equipment. Digital signage is making rapid progress in indoor and outdoor fields, entering new markets and becoming the first choice for vertical industries to combine with traditional signage. 

Founded in 2009, Digital Signage China was incorporated into the exhibition series of Informa Markets Trust in 2016, in order to create benefits from the synergistic effects with LED CHINA and SIGN CHINA. From 2019 onward, the Shenzhen edition of Digital Signage China was introduced, Digital Signage China has been launched as a biannual exhibition, which will not only happen in Shanghai, but also in Shenzhen city. 

Shenzhen city has been well-known as the high-tech hub and the digital signage production base in China, as thus, Digital Signage China in Shenzhen will surely offer visitors a large choice of suppliers, and a wide range of exhibits.

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  • Self-service Terminal: Advertising Player, Query Machine, Touch Kiosk, Poster Machine, Wall-mounted machine, Strip screen, Mobile Battery Signage, etc.
  • Software and Publishing Systems: Androids Mainboard, Multimedia Information Publishing System, Media Player, etc.
  • Touch and Smart Sensor: Capacitive Touch Screen, LCD Video Wall, Dynamic Face Detection Display, etc.
  • Materials and Accessories: Shell Casing Materials and Transmission Accessories, etc.

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Exhibit Gallery