Global Flagship Event for Lighting, Audio-Visual and Entertainment Technology

Entertainment Design Expo

2021.4.1-3 | Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center (Futian District)

Entertainment Design Expo was launched as one of the global brands of Informa Markets (the world’s leading B2B information services group and the largest B2B event organiser), present the latest audio-visual technology from the perspective of entertainment sector. This new component is meant to cater to the interests of our audiences, especially for the professionals working in entertainment, performance, live, events businesses.

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  • Lighting and Illumination design
  • Virtual Reality / Augmented Reality
  • Loudspeakers
  • Acoustics, Acoustic Furnishing and Equipment
  • VR/AR Equipment and Technology
  • Media Technology
  • Video Technology
  • Architecture and Stage Planning
  • Stage and event technology
  • Audio, Film and Studio Equipment
  • Convention and Conference Equipment
  • Technical Building Installations and Facility Management
  • Communications and Networks

Partial Exhibitors

Industrial News

What did video technology do to win the epidemic-resistant war?


At present, China’s unanimous battle against the new coronavirus has begun. In this anti-epidemic war, video technology has never been absent, playing a key role. From the “non-stop class”, “remote office” to the epidemic prevention command, the video technology, remote audio-visual interactive industry has ushered in one of the busiest prehistories in history. In many […]

The tens of billions of markets that have been optimistic have suddenly encountered the coronavirus


In the recent period of time, some Chinese netizens made their own career plans for the first quarter of 2020 for various professions in the performance industry, joking that everyone would be unemployed. This is a time when people are forced to trim, and the performance rental industry is no exception. The seemingly prosperous performance […]

Sharing microphones causes pneumonia? It’s time to pay attention to the hygiene of the microphone!


Entertainment technology expo got a news that a man was infected with a new type of pneumonia because he shared the same microphone with a patient diagnosed with coronavirus at the company’s annual meeting. At that time, I was a little bit puzzled, it is really the case to think carefully, after all, the microphone […]

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