LED CHINA 2021 · Shenzhen

2021.4.1-3 | Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center (Futian District)

LED CHINA is the initiator of its kind. With 16-year’s cultivation, LED CHINA has now become the benchmark of the global LED industry and the first choice for LED manufacturers and buyers. From 2019 onward, LED CHINA has been launched as a biannual exhibition series which held in Shenzhen/February and Shanghai/September.

As the first Shenzhen edition, LED CHINA 2019 · Shenzhen, gathered 551 exhibitors and welcomed 24,039 visitors from 104 countries and regions, and gathered 551 exhibitors, such as Leyard, Lian Tronics, Ledman, Infiled, Qiangli Jucai, Gloshinee, Eastar, Dicolor, Unilnmin, Desay, Mary, Createled, Cedar, Tiege, Novastar, Colorlight, Rgblink, Magbimage, etc.

The exhibition range covers Advertising media, Security Surveillance, Stage Performances, Digital Signage, Video Conference, Supermarkets & Retails, Landscape Illumination, Broadcast, LED Sign Illumination and so on.

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LED Display and Control Systems: Small Pitch, Rental screen, Transparent Screen, Creative Screen, Control System and IC, Display Kit and Power Light;

LED Illumination & Lighting: Module, Lightbox Source, Signage Lighting, Light Strips, Luminous Characters, Neon Lights, Controllers and Driving Power Supplies, etc.;

LED Lighting: Commercial Lighting, Landscape Lighting, Outdoor Lighting, Indoor Lighting, Decorative lighting, Special Lighting and Accessories, etc.;

LED Chips and Packaging: Epitaxial Wafers, EPI Wafers and Related Substrates, such as SMD, COB, RGB, etc.;

LED Production Equipment and Tester: Dispenser, Solid Crystal Machine, Color Separation, Spectrometer, Purification Equipment, etc.

LED CHINA 2020 · Shenzhen

LED CHINA 2020 · Shenzhen

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