Global Event for Digital Signage and Terminal Display Industry Application

Commercial Integration China 2020 · Shanghai

2020.9.17-19 | Shanghai New International Expo Centre

Going deep into the advertising signage industry base, and explore new trends in sign digitisation

As the largest domestic signage application market, East China is always as benchmark area for new retail, and a gathering place for leading companies in the sign industry. Commercial Integration China 2020 · Shanghai, concurrent with SIGN CHINA 2020 · Shanghai, LED CHINA 2020  · Shanghai, Digital Signage China 2020 · Shanghai and Commercial Integrated Systems China · Shanghai. Starting from advertising signage sector, the exhibits cover all areas, from traditional advertising signage area, such as Advertising Player Equipment, Acrylic, LED Illumination & Lighting, Laser Engraving Equipment, etc., to digital signage products, such as LED Commercial Display, Advertising Player, Software and Publishing System, Smart Sensor, Digital Signage, etc.

In 2019, Shanghai edition gathered 996 exhibitors and welcomed 34,998 visitors, included 5,801 oversea visitors, from 122 countries and regions. Click here to Commercial Integration China 2019 · Shanghai Show Report.

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Display and Display Terminal: LED Display, LCD Splicing, OLED Display Technology, Commercial TV, LCD Panel, etc.

Digital Signage: Advertising Player, Query Machine, Touch Kiosk, Poster Machine, Wall-mounted machine, Strip screen, Mobile Battery Signage, Electronic Interactive Whiteboard, etc.

Projector and Accessories: Projector, Projection Screen, Lens and Accessories

Audio technologies: Audio equipment, Signal management and Processing, Converters and Connectors, Streaming/Database and Messaging systems

Audiovisual Technologies: Signal Conversion, Audiovisual Software and Equipment, Controller and Signal Transmission Technology, Command and Control Systems

Software and Publishing Systems: Androids Mainboard, Multimedia Information Publishing System, Media Player, etc.

Touch and Smart Sensor: Capacitive Touch Screen, LCD Video Wall, Dynamic Face Detection Display, etc.

Integration Systems: Conference Systems, Smart Transportation Solutions, New Retail Solutions, Smart Security Solutions, Stage Vision Solutions, etc.

Materials and Accessories: Shell Casing Materials and Transmission Accessories, etc.

Commercial Integration China 2020·Shanghai will be held from 17-19, September in Shanghai New International Expo Centre. Except offline concurrent events, live broadcast platform will be unveiled soon. It will be broadcast live at the exhibition site and invite well-known industry professionals, KOL, senior media, etc. as anchors. From different divisions to turn on new exhibition mode and free to reach numerous suppliers.

Global Event for Digital Signage and Terminal Display Industry Application


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